Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morrow County OHV - Camping

This Labor Day weekend we tried out a new campground. It is down by Heppner, Oregon and was just over 2 hours away. You could ride anywhere in the park as long as it was on a road. There were different tracks for different ages. Mark joined the poker ride. When he signed up he got his first card. Then there was a 30 mile course with 3 check points along the way where he got 3 additional cards. Then when he completed the course and checked back in he got his final card. He ended up having two pairs and coming in third out of almost 70 people. He won one of those portable tent/canopy things - we'll use it over the dirt pile to keep the kids in the shade. This picture doesn't show it too good, but Mark looked like he had a beard when he got back from the poker run. He was totally filthy where his helmet and goggles weren't covering him.

The kids had a blast. Brett was off on his dirt bike ALL day so he was never around to take pictures of. He loved the over 15 track and spent most of the day there until someone got hurt and they started enforcing the rules. He's complained the last few days about being sore from riding. Erin rode off and on all day. She enjoyed making "crafts" out of whatever she could find on the ground. At one point she found a little water snake and kept it until we convinced her that it would die if she kept carrying it around.

Kehli hasn't enjoyed riding since she ran into Mark a little while ago on her dirt bike. She wasn't hurt, but apparently it scared her enough to want to take a break.

Evan spent most of his time climbing up and down off Kehli's bike since it stayed parked in one spot. He was in his heaven - he went from dirt bike to four-wheeler and then back to dirt bike the whole time we were there. He even had to eat his breakfast on one! It won't be long until he's ready for his own ride (with training wheels of coarse)!

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The Wilkins Family said...

I'm glad you posted those pictures because I had no idea what you were talking about riding. I guess you really are a country girl now!