Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's been a while...

So much has happened since the last time I updated this blog. I'll try to fit everything in without too many details or it will be a novel!!
My Grandpa Bennett passed away at the beginning of November so we made a trip down to Utah for a week. It was bitter sweet - sad saying good-bye to him and seeing my Grandma hurting, but happy being able to see so much of my family. Mark got to meet some of my cousins for the first time and all five girls were in the same house for at least 2 days. It was a nice trip.

We got back from Utah and I got going on a new exercise/weight program. I was actually able to buy a smaller pair of jeans from Old Navy after only a few weeks. YIPPEE!!! I've got a long ways to go still, but feeling great.

We spent Thanksgiving in Quincy at Mark's parents house. His brother, Brad, came up from California so it was good to see him again. It was great to relax and sit in the hot tub every night. It felt so good on my muscles! Brett loves to go up there because he can jump on his dirtbike and ride around all he wants. The other kids love "exploring" in the junk pile and riding around in the little 4x4 trucks. It's nice in the fall/winter because we don't have to worry about water being in the ditch behind the house and the kids can play in it all they want.

At the beginning of December Mark and I finally took a honeymoon trip and went on a Western Caribbean cruise. I posted lots more pictures on Facebook if you must see more. Our friends, Keith & Cindy Campbell, went with us and we had a BLAST. We went out of Ft. Lauderdale and had stops in Grand Cayman & Ocho Rios. In Grand Cayman we rented wave runners and went out about 8 miles into the ocean to a place called Stingray City to feed and swim with the stingrays. What an awesome experience!! Then we did some snorkeling in the clear water and got sunburned. Shopping was fun. The next day we went rafting down the Martha Brae river in Jamaica. Jamaica was not our favorite place. Rafting was fun and shopping was okay. We won't ever go there again. There was lots of fun activities on the ship - mini-golf, hot tubs & swimming, great food (24 hours a day!!), climbing wall, fun shows and entertainment, and more. We're hooked and can't wait to go on our next cruise. We would like to go on one to the ancient ruins in Mexico. Maybe if we aren't building a house next winter...

We came back to Washington to snow. The kids had 2 hour delay every day last week. It was nice to not have to rush in the morning getting them off to school. But it did take me almost an hour and a half getting them all to school in the morning. We've been getting a little more snow every day and are supposed to get 6-8 inches more tonight. It will be a white Christmas for us!

Well, that's a quick update from Kennewick. It's almost 11:00 so I better get some sleep before it's Christmas morning already!!


The Wilkins Family said...

I went to the stingray spot a couple of years ago. It was amazing! And, you hardly need to lose weight!

Child Family said...

That's nice of you, Denise, but Mark insists that we are done having babies so I'm determined to lose my "baby belly" so the kids will quit asking me if I'm pregnant again.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the C. card that led us to you blog-it has been so fun to read about your adventures. Your cruise trip sounded amazing. It's fun to catch up on all your families' comings and goings. :)

couplabz said...

I am SO jealous that you have snow!! I wish we did, it teases us every once in a while, but never sticks.

I loved the stingrays, that and swimming with the sharks was SO awesome. Makes me want to take another cruise.