Saturday, February 18, 2012

Luke Durst

We have been having a few days of serious reflection. A family from church is going through an unimaginable situation right now. Their 5-year-old son fell out of their bonus room window (25 feet up) onto their concrete driveway. He is doing well considering the accident, but certainly isn't out of the woods yet. It has been a good experience to talk to our children about it and the power of fasting and prayer. Today was the first time that our children have fasted on a day other than Sunday. We all anxiously wait for the text message telling us that there is an update from the hospital. We wish there were more than two each day, but are grateful for modern technology that keeps up up to date on his situation and progress. It is wonderful to hear the faith of a child as Evan prays for his friend that, "his broken head will get better and Luke will not die." He says it so sincerely. As a mother I can't imagine the emotional stress of it all and I have been hugging my kids just a little tighter each day. We continue to pray for the Durst family and the doctors that are watching over little Luke.


{ Heather } said...

Oh, Gretchen, I'm so sorry for your friends, but I do know what a valuable, life-long lesson your kids are learning. It's so hard when prayers and blessings aren't answered with immediate healings. I'm beginning to understand that maybe this is how our faith truly grows and becomes refined. You, Luke and his family are in our prayers as well.

Denise said...

Our dear family friends' son fell out of a 3rd story window onto a stone walkway. (He was 6, I think.) He was in a full body cast for quite a while, but now (2 years later) you would never know anything happened. I pray that the same outcome happens for your friend.