Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zaggora Hot they really work?

So, I had heard about these Zaggora Hot Pants and thought it was one of those exercise tools that claimed to be something more than it was. But as I researched it and read testimonial after testimonial I started to think that they may offer something more than any other "loose weight quick" things that I had tried in the past. So I thought I'd give them a try. The company is based out of the UK so my Hot Pants - Capris took 3 weeks to arrive. I read about their 2 week challenge and decided to give it a try. The requirements were that you had to weigh and measure yourself, wear the hot pants 5 days a week for two weeks, then weigh and measure yourself again. I HATE the scale so I didn't do the weigh part, but did take my measurements and my two weeks were up this morning. I did not change any part of my routine (exercise, eating, sleeping, water intake, etc...) - the only thing I changed is that I wore the hotpants while I exercised and then either around the house or running errands on the days I didn't exercise. I exercised a total of 6 times during the last two weeks, doing cardio/running 4 times and weights/strength training 5 times. I have already cut out white flour from my diet as much as I can and have cut back on sweets. So.....the results are in.....I think Hot Pants are all they say they can be. I lost a total of 2.25 inches on my waist, hips and butt with the biggest loss on my hips at 1.25 inches. I am impressed! Just changing what I wear during workouts can make a difference. I took some before pictures, but will spare you seeing them. I will continue wearing them in the hopes that my butt cellulite will continue to firm up and perhaps disappear (I can hope right?).


Evin said...

Right on, Gretchen. I'm very intrigued and want some now!

Doug and Kristen said...

Mmmmmmm. You almost have me convinced. I better see pictures before I decide.

Child Family said...

Evin - I'm not sure where you could loose more inches. Plus I don't know if they come small enough for you. If I looked like you I wouldn't need HotPants!

Kristen - there are lots of pictures online! I don't think my 2.25 inches would even look any different. Maybe after two more weeks? We'll see.