Monday, January 21, 2013

"Martin & The Kings" and more...

Our little baby turned three at the beginning of the month.  He requested donut balls instead of cake and ice cream sandwiches.  It was an easy birthday for me!  Mark moved him from his crib to a big boy bed, against my protesting.  I'm just not ready for him to grow up.

Evan started basketball a couple of weeks ago.  It's his first time on a team and Brett volunteered to be an assistant coach.  They are both learning a lot this season.  Here is Evan playing good man-to-man defense.  We are hoping that he learns when he is on defense and when he is on offense instead of guarding his opponent the whole time.  The first few games are always entertaining to watch.

Kehli has another week and a half to go before she sees the orthopedic doctor again.  We were told that not only did she crack her knee cap, but she also had a pulled tendon with a piece of detached cartilage floating around.  That is the main concern.  If that cartilage doesn't re-attach during these 4 weeks, they will have to do surgery to remove it.  She has been pretty good about keeping her knee straight and the brace on at all times.  She is getting stir crazy having to sit down all the time and is anxious to get back to dance class.  We will have an update on her knee on January 30.

Erin joined the Channel Cats swim team this month and is enjoying being back in the pool.  She only practices an hour per day, 4 days a week.  She is enjoying her coach so that is good.

Brett is gearing up for Track season and has started after school workouts with some of the team members.  He is going to play church ball and practices with the "old men" on Wednesday evenings.  Youth games just started and the first game is on Saturday.

Evan came home very excited from school on Friday to tell me everything he learned about "Martin and the Kings" (Martin Luther King, Jr.).  He told me these things: "Martin had a dream that everyone should stop riding the bus until the rules changed.  It wasn't fair that the white people made the colored people move from their seats.  So everyone walked to work until the rules changed.  I wouldn't have made people move because that is just mean.  Also, people were rude back then because only white people got to go to school, use the drinking fountains and go to certain restaurants.  Martin said that we shouldn't fight anger with anger, only with love.  He was a good dreamer.  We have to celebrate Martin and the Kings birthday with cake."  I wish that I would have had a video camera ready for his explanation because I really got a kick out of it.  He was very serious about the whole thing.  So we made cupcakes today - giant ones.  Each one equaled 3 regular size cupcakes.  Adam had his all eaten before the other kids were even done decorating.  Fun times!

We are close to starting on the new house.  We have all the bids done and are working on all the stuff that the bank wants turned in.  We have turned in to the county a vacation of easement on the property and when that is complete we can get started on the well and then excavation.  Crossing our fingers that this all happens sooner rather than later as I am loosing my mind more and more with each passing day in this apartment.

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