Friday, August 15, 2008

in Moses Lake with Doug & Kristen

Doug & Kristen and their family were up from southern California last week. We went up for the weekend and spent a few days with them. The kids played so well together - we were actually surprised. On Monday we went over to Moses Lake again to the aquatic center. This time Kehli & Bubba wanted to do the surfing. They are too short this summer to do the surfing standing up, but were able to do the body surfing. They are so light that they pretty much stayed in the same place and had to steer the board over to the side when the lifeguard thought they had been out long enough. You can tell by the smiles that they were having a blast.

Evan is finally liking the water this summer - it's August, better late than never. He went around the Lazy River a few times and even into the pool for a while. His favorite was the sprinkler area, which I hadn't even noticed when we were there in June.

Here are Doug & Kristen's kids (Riley, Jacob & Ryan) with a few of ours eating ice cream at the Quincy pool. Bubba was able to go down the slide at the Quincy pool so she likes it better than in Moses Lake. Maybe next year she will be tall enough.
We got an offer on the house this weekend, but it was a little ridiculous. She wanted a 90 day bump - meaning if someone wanted to buy our house we had to give her 90 days to either close on our house or pull out of the contract. So we countered back and we'll see on Sunday if she decides to sign our contract or just pull out all together. There are two other people very interested right now so if it doesn't work out we aren't too worried. Our realtor said that over the last 10 years she has sold 3 times more homes during late summer/fall so we are still hopeful that we'll be able to build our new home this winter.


couplabz said...

Looks like a lot of fun. It's neat that y'all get to do fun stuff like that as a family and with friends.

Becki said...

Hey! Your kids are so cute. Looks like you guys had a blast! I hope things work out with your house and you get to start building soon. That would be awesome! Good luck!