Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kehli's Baptism & Bubba's Assembly

On Saturday, January 31 Kehli was baptized. She has waited a few extra months because Mark and I were out of town in December and his parents were out of town at the beginning of January. She was patient and very excited that the day finally came. She looked like an angel all dressed in white. She had many friends there to support her on this special day. It's occasions like these that make me wish we lived a little closer to family, but our Ward friends have truly become our family at times like these .

Kendall sang in a music assembly at school last week. The Kindergarten classes all sang a few songs together. It was as entertaining as any school assembly could be. The whole thing only lasted about 10 minutes. Bubba is the one in the striped turtleneck and ponytails on the left side. She got to stand next to Ryker Buttars, which she thought was pretty cool.

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The Wilkins Family said...

I love that baptism picture, she is so cute. I couldn't quite pick out Bubba but I'm sure it was a cute performance!