Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, we finally sold our home and moved into a rental for about a year. We hope to start building in July and are in the process now of finishing up our house plans. Then the fun begins!!Here is our new family room / living room - there is only one front room in our rental house. This is what it looked like after we moved in and they cleaned it up. It's been 9 days now and it is finally our own. We moved the couch in on Friday and are now just waiting for a TV. I didn't think I'd miss it this much. Most boxes are unpacked - I only have about 4-5 left to go. So far the kids have adjusted well. The girls are all in one room and Brett & Evan are in one together. I'm going to like having less space to clean. Mark is hoping that I get out of the habit of having piles everywhere because there just isn't room in this house to have piles. It's in my blood...

Evan has had so much fun watching the "workers" out the front window. He loved the "little tractor" and even asked if he could have a ride, but was turned down.
I love this picture of Evan & Mark watching the last of the three cement pours. It will be wonderful to have all the concrete done so the tracking of mud can be cut back. I will be happy to plant grass - hopefully sooner rather than later! Brett can't wait to mow again - NOT!

Brett helping Mark cut plywood to put in the rafters in the garage to store more of our junk...I mean treasures. I was happy to see him wearing safety goggles as I stood in the window praying that he didn't cut off any fingers. He did a great job!

Evan cleaning out the dryer after putting a handful of sand in it. He's such a good helper!

Evan being a good helper again putting the computer cabinet together with Mark.
Here are Mark and I at the Hawaiian themed Primary Appreciation Dinner. Yes, those are coconuts that I'm wearing - Mark made me wear the shirt under them because it was 30 degrees outside and he was afraid I would catch a cold - he's so thoughtful.

Here are some shots from Brett's last basketball game of the season. They ended up only losing one game and really worked well as a team.
Brett in the middle - not letting go of the ball.
Way to block out Brett!
Get that rebound!!!
Baseball season started last week with practice 4 days in a row, four practices this week then the first game on Saturday. They appear to have a strong team this year and we are hoping for a few more wins than last year. The league Brett plays in is switching to a 70' baseline with a few rule changes. Brett is nervous about that, especially since he is a pictcher and the kids can lead off 1st base now. He'll do fine though - he just needs to be confident!! Evan is ready for baseball season and wears Brett's extra baseball "mitten" around all the time. Why can't he stay small for just a little bit longer?


The Wilkins Family said...

Your kids are so cute. Congrats on selling the house and how exciting to build one of your own! It will be gorgeous.

Doug and Kristen said...

So happy for you guys moving forward on everything! Let the building begin!

couplabz said...

How fun to be building!

I know what you mean, I wish Eli would stay little, but everyday I see more and more changes.

Tammy said...

so glad you were able to sell! Is the rental new or something...why all the "workers" ? Or was it trashed? (Karena has experience with trashed rentals!) and the cocnuts are Brett wasn't the least bit embarrassed by his MOTHER wearing those!!!