Monday, May 11, 2009

It's finally spring!!!

Evan doesn't believe me that it's nice outside. He always says, "I'm freezing!" Here he is all bundled up on the couch trying to stay awake. We are enjoying the sunshine - hopefully it's here to stay this time. Mark finished the fence and we got the border logs in place - now we're just waiting for rock to be delivered. When we're done spreading rock we can plant grass. Can't wait for that!
Forgive me for posting more baseball pictures. The two pictures above were taken at Brett's best game of his career. He made two beautiful catches out in left field - one was a foul, but he went all the way to the fence and made a game changing catch. I was so excited I could hardly control myself. The game was tied at the end of the 6th inning (we usually only play 6) so we went into a Kansas City tie-breaker. The last out from the previous inning goes to second and you start out with one out. Brett is up first and the kid that started on second base stole to third. Brett hit a fabulous hit to center field and Nick scored. Brett hit a game winning RBI!! That never happens to Brett so I am happy for him!!! So now he's on second base (the first picture - you can see the scoreboard reads 3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs, and we're up by one) Brett steals third, then is hit home (the next picture) and scores making the score 4-2 at innings end. Unfortunately we have to forfeit the game because our pitcher threw too many innings for the week and no one brought it to our attention until we were winning. So it was all for nothing. But Brett still feels good about his personal performance. Today at practice he is going to get a "Be A Hero" Award that the coaches give out if a player has an exceptional game/play. He's getting it for making the catch out in the field because if he hadn't we would have lost the game in regular innings.
Here is me with my babies on Mother's Day. Evan said it was "TOO light" so he wouldn't look up. Can you believe that Brett will be 13 tomorrow and if I wasn't wearing heels he would be just about as tall as I am. I think he only has an inch to go. He thinks that's real funny. I told him he could really laugh if he ever catches up to Mark. I didn't realize how tall Bubba was until I looked at this picture. Maybe it's just the angle... I had a wonderful Mother's Day filled with lots of special drawings and gifts. Mark finally bought us a new matress and surprised me with it on Saturday night. I LOVE IT - it's so nice to not have to sleep in a hammock-like bed any more. We had our previous matress for 15 years so it was time for a new one!
Kehli's first softball game is tomorrow night. She can hardly wait. She had to get the pants, belt & socks to complete the outfit. I'm sure it will be entertaining.


couplabz said...

I love that she has to complete the outft. Such a girl thing to do. I'm sure she'll have lots of fun.

Michelle Birch said...

I wish I was there to watch Brett play. We are still waiting on the water, but we have power! That is the last step. Dillon still loves dogs. When Spencer gave him a blessing he blessed him that he would not be scared of animals, it worked.