Friday, May 22, 2009

Kehli's Softball and more...

Hitting the ball out past third base, but only making it to first base - they only let them take one base at a time. She could have easily gotten to second.

On third base waiting for someone to hit her home. You can see by the members of the opposite team how exciting the games are when they are in the outfield. It's not uncommon to see a girl doing kartwheels or picking flowers or chasing a butterfly. Running home!!
Playing catcher for half of the game.
It is more fun to watch Kehli than I had expected. I thought I might get bored after watching the fast paced ball that Brett plays. It's actually quite entertaining, but I'm glad that it only goes for just over an hour. She got go play catcher and pitcher (it's coach-pitch, but they have a girl stand by the coach to catch the balls coming in and field the hits). She is having a great time!

Brett's team ended up finishing second in their league and they start the All-City Tournament on Wednesday evening. We play a team that we've beaten 3 times so are hopeful that the first game will be easy for us. We should be able to get through the first two rounds without any problems, but you never know.

Eating in the back of Mark's pick-up.
Serving hot dogs as fast as I could with Gabriella Furniss.

We had a "Car Hop" fundraiser for the young women at church to help earn money for girls' camp this summer. It was the first year we've done this particular fundraiser and we did much better than expected. The girls brought in over $1000. It was a crazy two hours, but well worth the effort. We served hot dogs, chips, cookies, & rootbeer floats. And we offered family pictures, classic cartoons & popcorn, games for the kids and a silent dessert auction (which brought in over $500 on its own!). If they decide to do it again next year I know they could make tons more money just from what we learned this time. Everyone seemed to have fun and were patient with our rollerskating waitresses.

The boys didn't want to dress up so we didn't invite them into our picture. The girls had poodles on their skirts, but unfortunately you couldn't see any of them. Oh well.


Cindy said...

I remember my dear mother-in-law commenting about my ability to stay focused when watching a baseball/softball/t-ball/basketball/soccer(etc.) game that my kids were playing in. I loved it. Now I get to watch my grandchildren, at least occasionally. Tammy, Dale and Alison are coaches now. Such fun!

couplabz said...

What a great fundraiser idea! It looks like a lot of fun. I love y'alls poodle skirt.