Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer has begun!

Brett getting his medal for coming in second place in the league.
Brett watching the other team get the big trophy instead of listening to the coaches.

Baseball ended on a sad note for Brett. After having a mostly winning season and not losing one game in the tournament his team ended up losing the championship game and coming in second. It was SOOO hard to watch the last games. The other team had to beat us twice since we had never lost and they did beat us one game after another. The first game we gave to them with many errors and few hits. The second game was actually a good game and we ended up losing in the last inning by one run. I even cried a little bit with Brett - what do you expect, I'm a mom!! Brett is sad to be too old to play in this league next year and is still trying to decide if he's just going to play school ball or go out for the Babe Ruth league. He's got time to decide. It would be nice to do school ball because they don't travel as much as Babe Ruth, but we'll leave that up to Brett. I'll watch him wherever he plays!

Erin has had two weeks of voice lessons and is not lacking in the confidence department. She sang a Celtic Woman song in the school talent show on the last day of school and did a great job. Then yesterday her voice teacher, who also teaches piano, had a recital at an assisted living facility and she sang "Castle on a Cloud." She was more nervous singing in front of a few old people that she didn't know than in front of the whole school. When I figure out how to post videos on this blog I will post one of her performances.
Kehli starts summer school on Monday. Her Spanish teacher was hoping that summer school would be in Spanish since she's in the Dual Language program, but it is only offered in English. So it was up to Kehli if she wanted to go still. When she found out that she gets to ride the bus and eat breakfast & lunch there she decided to go. It will be good for her.
Bubba is excited to start swim lessons. Now that she is 6 she can move from the kiddie pool to the big pool, which is warm. Evan continues to keep us on our toes - not letting us sit for longer than 2-3 minutes at a time. He loves to run and is pretty fast. I'm sure the carpet will be worn down by the time we move out because he runs up and down the hallway constantly.

Yesterday we finally broke ground for the new house. Mark was like a little kid at Christmas - with a smile as big as his face. I took Brett, Erin & Bubba to see the excavators and they had fun trying to figure out where their new rooms will be. It will be a fun process to watch and hopefully everyone won't get tired of seeing pictures and hearing details. It's been such a long time in the making for us! It still seems unreal.


Michelle Birch said...

So sorry Brett! Nothing is worse than 2nd place. But he had a great season. I hope he can think of all the great plays he and his team made and be proud of that. It is exciting to watch your house being built. No we still haven't moved. Be greatful you don't live in CA. It is a nightmare getting the state to sign off on anything. We will be gone for 3 weeks so I am counting on being able to move when we get home and yes it will be 100. Miss you!

couplabz said...

Congratulations on your house! How exciting it must be to finally break ground and get to go through the whole building process.

Eli moved into the big pool this year too and it is SO nice. I like having 2 kids in the big pool instead of one in each.