Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun

House updates: First two pictures of the forms for the concrete basement walls. Next picture is Mark putting tar on the walls so the excavation can backfill with dirt. Fourth picture is of Erin and Evan breaking nails off after the forms were removed. We had to do that all the way around the basement one day when it was about 96 degrees. The last picture was taken yesterday (7-26). The downstairs is almost completely framed. They will finish that part today then start on the upstairs. We'll pick up windows & exterior doors next Monday then trusses in two weeks or so.

Before we left the church parking lot on Monday, July 13:
Playing Chubby Bunny on Ward Day - probably one of the grossest things I've ever done:All our girls together on Ward Day (minus one that we couldn't find at the time): The brave girls getting ready for the polar bear plunge (that's me on the far left):My turn on the rope swing: I got to go to Girls Camp two weeks ago. We went to Camp Zarahemla on White Pass about 125 miles away. The weather was perfect and the girls all had a great time (I think). We had 15 girls with us at the Ward camp and another 8 that were YCL's with the Stake. We canoed, made crafts, did a polar bear plunge, swung on the rope swing, relaxed & ate, ate, ate!!

Evan & Grummpa Pirate watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
Eating delicious ice cream at Leatherby's. Brett's eyes were bigger than his stomach!: The day after I got home from Girls Camp we left for Utah. My parents are out visiting my mom's family. We only went to Boise on the first day and stayed at a hotel to relax and swim. We got to Utah on Sunday and stayed until Thursday. My camera starting acting up at the end of our trip so I will have to wait for my parents to send me a copy of the whole group picture. We went swimming a couple of days at the local pool, ate ice cream at Leatherby's, visited Ken & Robyn & their family, went to the movies, and relaxed as much as possible.

Eating popsicles with cousin Jared:
On Monday, Evan decided to get into my Grandma's pills up in her cupboard and too 6-8 of her thyroid pills. Poison control said there would be no side effects for a couple of days. Wednesday morning at 4:00 am he woke up barfing and continued to do so until about 8:30 that morning. After his nap he was starving then fine the rest of the time. We were lucky the thyroid pills were in the front of the row and not heart or blood pressure medication. He would have had to get his stomach pumped if that would have been the case. Here is a happy picture of Evan blowing barf bubbles and keeping a bowl close.
After being able to hide it for 17 weeks we are finally announcing that I am pregnant with baby #6. We are due on December 31 and found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having another boy. We probably could have gotten away with another week or two of not telling anyone, but Erin announced it in Primary so I got a flood of emails Sunday afternoon asking for confirmation. I'm not as big as this picture shows - it must have been the angle. I can still see my feet when I look down. I'm feeling good now, just tired - but that is to be expected!


Denise said...

YEAH!!! Congrats! You are AMAZING. I can barely handle the 3 I have!

Alison said...

What a go-getter. Kid number 6 on the way, house being built, girls camp... I'm getting tired just reading this. Good to see you!