Thursday, August 13, 2009

We have a roof!!

This first picture was taken yesterday (8-12-09). The roofers came out and rolled out the paper in one day. Mark got out there last night and painted all the soffet and fascia first so we wouldn't have to tape anything off. Brett, Erin & Kehli spent all afternoon cleaning up in the front and did a great job - probably the cheapest cleaning crew on a job site ever! As long as they could play in the mud when they were done they were happy.

Then came out today (8-13-09) and roofed the whole thing, finishing around 7:30 pm. It looks better than we expected so we are very happy. Plumbers will finish tomorrow and HVAC will probably finish tomorrow also. The electricians are scheduled to start Monday. A couple of windows and one door were installed today, the rest should go in tomorrow except for three that are still on order.Here is Brett ice blocking for mutual last night. It looked like fun, but the other leaders weren't letting me have a try in case I fell off and rolled down the hill. I guess it would have hurt a little. Everyone had a blast, especially the young men.

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Michelle Birch said...

You are going to move before we do. Your house is coming along fast. We are still waiting. I hope I'll get to see it in person. As for everything else we are holding on. It is so hard. We are going to Id for Christmas so we are looking forward to that. We just take one day at a time. Love and miss you!