Thursday, August 6, 2009

August Update

This picture of Evan was taken at the Child Family Reunion at the Moses Lake Water Park on August 1. He thought he could do ANYTHING with that life jacket on. I'm glad he wasn't afraid of all the water, but the sprinkler park was a nice change of pace for a bit. He kept running off wanting to go on the surfing wave and the big slides (that you have to be 4 ft. to go down) - even got to the top of the stairs once or twice. It's interesting how many people would just stand there and watch him try to do things that he obviously shouldn't be doing. The best part of the day was when Evan discovered the sprinkler that they had attached to a hose to keep the concrete cool just outside the locker rooms. Evan is fascinated with sprinklers, maybe I have mentioned that before. Anyway, at first he would just turn the sprinkler to squirt people on their way by. Then, I guess that wasn't fun any more, so he picked up the sprinkler so he could get a closer shot at people and even chase them a little. The lifeguard that was closest thought it was pretty funny and so did most of the people, but there were a few stinkers (at the water park!!) who weren't amused at getting wet a little. I wish I had had my camera handy. Here is my most recent trip to Rite Aid. After rebates and coupons I got these 12 items for only $4.34. They would have cost me over $45.00 if purchased there at regular price. And all of them are items that I would have to buy anyway - including the Werther's chocolate!! I love rebate programs. I should have take a picture of our school supply shopping trip that we took on Monday - lined paper, rulers, pencil pouches for 1 cents each, 6-pack highlighters & 2-pack pink pearl erasers for 29 cents each, 12-pack pencils (the good kind!) for 5 cents each. And I didn't mention before my steals at JC Penney on Saturday - 15 items for $112 including 6 pair of jeans for the kids. Plus I started Christmas shopping - only one gift so far, but it's a start. It has been a good week for us at the stores!
Here are the most recent pictures from the house. These first two were taken on Monday, August 3. The first one is right after the trusses got delivered in the moring. It was 105 that day so I felt bad for the framers. The second picture is in the evening when they were done working for the day.
These last two pictures were taken this morning (8/6/09). The first is a front view, the second is from the back. They should have finished the roof sheathing around lunch time and then finished the garage exterior walls. The windows and exterior doors were delivered yesterday so those will start going in either today or tomorrow. Mark will paint the soffets on Saturday afternoon before roofing starts. Roofing, plumbing, HVAC and electircal will all start next week. It's so exciting to watch!!

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