Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ready to grow up?

This week has been one of reflection on accepting that I am no longer 29. It has been many years (9 to be exact) that I have been telling people that I am 29. I think I actually believed it myself. A few things this week have made me realize that I am getting older and that I just need to embrace it.

*Brett started drivers ed. This has been an experience for Mark and I. The day after Brett got his learners permit Mark agreed to take him to a church parking lot right next to our apartment to practice. A couple of days later I let him drive to pick up the girls from school. That was the first time he had driven on the road and I think I grew a few new gray hairs that day. But that's how I learned to just getting behind the wheel and going. Mark still isn't ready to be in the passenger seat while Brett drives, but I think he's actually doing pretty well on the roads. Parking lots are a different story though.

*We had to go to a parent informational meeting for Kehli to begin middle school. The dual language program is only in its second year at the middle school level and they needed an idea of how many families were willing to commit to another year in the program. So next year we will have two kids in high school, one in middle and two in elementary. CRAZY!!!! So grateful to still have spoiled little Adam at home to keep me company during the days.

*It's been since November that I've had time to get my hair done. Every morning I see more andmore gray hair. I have accepted that my hair is turning colors although I will not discontinue coloring it. I have a two year old. I'm not dropping him off at Kindergarten in a few years only to have the other kids ask, "Is that your grandma?" Accepting my gray hair will have to come another year, probably 20 or so down the road. That's okay, right?

*20 year high school reunion this summer...REALLY?! I totally feel like I just graduated and moved on to college not too long ago. How is it possible that it's been 20 years already? This has blown my mind this week as I see posts on facebook about planning the reunion. I hope I am able to go and see "old" friends. I'm sure at least some of them feel the same way about growing up.

I know I will look back one day and regret "missing" my 30's. So many wonderful things have happened the last few years and I don't want them to be a blur just because I am too vain to accept getting older. I want to associate all the blessings that have come to me and our family at the appropriate time they happened in my life. So come July I hope to be able to admit that I am turning thirty-something. It's a good thing I have a few more months to practice saying the real number because as I write this it's still difficult.


Denise said...

Umm, that will be thirty EIGHT. I have to say, it was a hard one for me to swallow a couple of weeks ago. It is definitely on the side closer to 40. It might be much harder for you since you haven't had 7 years of practice. I have to say being in one's 30's doesn't seem old today. 40, that's going to be another story. I wasn't feeling too old until you wrote about your 20 year reunion. I don't think that we are having one, but I can't believe it has been that long! You should be proud of your age because you look amazing. You should flaunt it and let people tell you how surprised they are because you look so young. Work it, girl.

Doug and Kristen said...

At least you'll be in good company at 38!

Child Family said...

Thanks Denise - you are too kind! And yes, Kristen, there are a lot of fabulous 30-somethings!!!

Cindy said...

I still feel like I'm 29 inside. Outside, not so much. I've never had trouble being my age (I turned 60 last summer) but it is weird having all of my children in their 30s (at least until May).