Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy summer!

We are having a great summer so far.  Spending LOTS of time either at the complex pool or at the splash park at the Court Club.  Trying to keep the kids busy and out of the apartment hasn't been as big of a challenge as I thought it would be.

We took a quick trip up to Quincy to get the dirtbikes then camped at Beverly Dunes for a night.  We had a lot of fun despite the millions of mosquitos that were present.  The kids found a large pond that had tons of tadpoles that they had fun catching and releasing.  This is Evan with three other little boys that we camped with.  They had a great time together riding around.
Our stake made some major Ward boundary changes in June and we are looking forward to meeting new friends and feeling settled again.  I get to work with the 12-13 year old girls and Mark is enjoying the break from a calling right now - I'm sure it won't last long.  The kids are all happy with the change because they knew a lot of the other kids already from school

Brett is attending summer school to replace his second semester English grade.  It looks like he will complete all the required work a couple of weeks early so that is good.  He isn't so happy waking up at 6:00 in the morning.  He will get to go on a 3 day rafting trip with the other boys from church next week and is looking forward to attending EFY in August.

Erin is swimming a lot this summer.  She wants to swim on the high school team so is attending a conditioning/swimming camp 2 mornings a week.  She also swims 4 afternoons a week with the novice swim team at the Court Club.  I am happy to see her active.  She just got back from Girls' Camp and had a great week bonding with her friends.

Kehli swims every day and I regret not signing her up for swim team as well.  She decided to continue with her dance classes through the summer and added a hip hop class on Monday to the Jazz Funk class on Tuesday.  It is a natural talent for her and we are happy to see her coming out of her shell a bit!

Kendall is doing good keeping up with her summer learning.  She practices her multiplication facts every morning and is reading the Hunger Games series on her own.  She wants to help with dinner often and enjoys spending time in the kitchen with me.

Evan and Adam enjoy the pool and we are happy that there is a good area for little ones at the splash park.  It's so hard to contain these boys in the apartment.  I try hard to not complain about the weather being so mild because we are outside ALL the time.

We are excited to go down to Bear Lake in a couple of weeks for the Child Family reunion then on to Utah to see my parents and other family members.

We are still waiting for the two Reata Ridge lots to sell.  We have a contractor that is very interested and we are just waiting for a letter of variance from the City of Richland that says that fire sprinklers are no longer necessary.  Hopefully we can get that soon so we can get started building.

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Stacie said...

So fun! Sounds like you guys are having a fun and busy summer. Great to read the updates!