Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it August already!?

I was so worried that this summer would creep by being in this tiny apartment, but I was wrong.  The kids have almost 4 more weeks until school starts and our calendar is pretty full.  July was a fun month highlighted by the Child family reunion and a visit with my side of the family in Magna, Utah.
July 4 is always a great holiday.  I have such fond memories of every Independence Day celebrated with fried chicken, friends, games & fireworks at the University of MD.  Kehli was in the local parade this year with her dance studio and volunteered to carry the banner so she didn't have to dance the whole parade route.  Smart girl! That's her in the red shirt.

This year we went someplace new for fireworks and were not disappointed.  There is a man in the neighborhood where we used to live that puts on a show.  It lasted over 12 minutes.  It would have been longer but during the last few minutes 2 rows of fireworks were going off at one time.  We got in the van when it was over and got home by 10:45.  That was Mark's favorite part!  He never enjoys a huge crowd or waiting for hours to get home. 
The next weekend I got to go away on a girls weekend to Seattle with 4 other friends.  We had a blast shopping, shopping, eating & shopping.  Here we are eating our last meal in Seattle before heading back to real life.
We have been spending lots of time this summer swimming - either at the apartment pool or at the court club.  Erin has had a great time on the novice swim team and has been coming in 1st or 2nd place.
We have discovered that Adam is our little fish.  Last year he went from not liking the pool at all to running down the 0-depth and flopping in.  This year he will jump in ANYWHERE even if no one is there ready to catch him, even the 12 foot deep end.  He will hold his breath for 7-8 seconds at a time, look around under water, open his eyes and wave to you, and do back flips.  He screams and cries when it is time to leave for the day.  It is so fun to watch, but scary at the same time.  He has no fear.  I wonder when it's too early to start swim lessons.    It seems so early to learn strokes so I don't know what the instructor would do with him except play.  Maybe he's the next Michael Phelps!

We attended the Child Family reunion at Bear Lake in July.  We were all able to stay in one big house, complete with ping pong, theater room, pool table, indoor & outdoor slides, playroom with basketball court, in-floor trampoline, and swing set, and 9 bedrooms on 3 floors.  It was wonderful to be all together in one place.  We got to get raspberry milkshakes, go to the lake, hike and play.  We made many wonderful memories and the kids had a blast with all their cousins.
 Adam playing ping pong with me.
 Aunt Kristen, Ryan, Brett & Jacob playing ping pong
 Before our hike through Minnetonka Cave - 444 steps in, 444 steps out
 Our traditional visit from "Santa" for the Christmas gift exchange
 Everyone present except Taylor & Brock, who are serving missions and Nate, Mitchell & Blake.

 Granny & Papa with all the grand kids
 I love the look of happiness on Granny and Papa's face
family picture

After the reunion Mark went home because he had to go to work.  I took the kids and headed further south to Magna.  My parents were out on their annual trip to visit Grandma Bennett.  We swam, bowled, relaxed, visited cousins, ate at Leatherby's & Neilson's frozen custard, went swinging at Uncle Jeff's, visited the copper mine, and didn't get enough sleep!
 Leatherby's with Aunt Lindsay
 Kehli getting a pedicure from my cousin, Katie
 eating frozen custard with Amy at Neilson's
 Bowling - yes I beat Brett ;-)
 We went and saw the new Polar Bear exhibit at the zoo, as well as the monkeys, bears, elephants, reptiles, tigers, otters, sea lions, and more.
 with Grandma & Grandpa at the Copper Mine
 swimming with Jared & Addie at Deseret Peak Complex
 Daily card playing after the kids went to bed with Aunt Susan, my mom, Aunt Penny, Grandma Bennett, and Uncle Wayne
 Saying good bye - Brett was already in Provo for EFY and Evan was in the corner being a stinker
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hdknowles said...

Looks like you had a very busy summer which doesn't seem as if it will slow down until school starts!

Life with Anderson Kids said...

You have to tell me how you rented such a huge house! It would be a great place for our next family reunion. sounds like you had a fun summer! Such cute pictures!