Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Activities...so far

We had been planning on camping at Mt. Ranier last weekend, but those reservations had to be cancelled two days before we were to leave.  Then things changed again (isn't life exciting?) and we ended going to Banks Lake, which is up by Grand Coulee Dam.  It was fun to take the kids to the laser light show at the dam because when we went up there during Spring Break it wasn't showing.  The kids had a blast and we had a great time getting to know some new people.
 Some of Brett's friends made this jump then pulled it out by a dock to jump off of. 
 They all had a great time until a park ranger came and told them that the fun was over and they needed to move it...RIGHT NOW.
 Adam having a great time on the boat with daddy.  He had a blast jumping off the dock.
Me cliff jumping from about 20 feet up.  The next jump was easier without the life jacket.  I was too chicken the first time to jump without it.  The next day Evan (our 5 year old) jumped from this spot.  I was shocked - no fear!
 Mark's turn
 Erin's third jump
 Brett jumping from another spot.  This one was about 30 feet high.  You can see another boy up on a rock to the right.  Two brave boys jumped from there - about 45 feet high.
Kehli, Erin & Kendall tubing with friends
 Adam in his boat "fort"
playing on the beach

Erin got her bottom braces on this afternoon.  She and Brett signed up for fall sports at school with practice starting next Monday.  Brett will run cross country and Erin joined the swim team.  They both pick up their class schedules tomorrow.  Crazy that I have two high schoolers this year!  School starts two weeks from today and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  The summer went by way too fast and I don't want the fun to end.  But the kids do great on a schedule and we haven't been as strict this summer as we have been in years past as far as bedtime, chores, etc.

*Warning: not everyone will care to read the following paragraph*

This morning I had a small procedure done on my bladder.  I had a sling put in to hold it up.  It's one of those things that people don't talk about.  Delivering babies naturally can push things around in your body that don't always go back.  It doesn't happen to all mommies, I guess I'm just lucky ;-).  I wish that there was a chapter in those "What to Expect..." books, but I guess if there were crazy pregnant ladies would be signing up for unnecessary C-sections.  If I could go back I wouldn't change my labor and deliveries - they were some of the best hours of my life.  I am just excited to be able to run more than a couple of miles at a time, jump on a trampoline, hike, go to evening Zumba class, and laugh without having to know where the nearest bathroom is.  Also to be able to sneeze without having to stop and cross my legs in the middle of the grocery store isle.  I'm so grateful for modern medicine and that the procedure is quick and easy.  I'm looking forward to being "normal" again in one short month.  Moms should not be embarrassed to talk about it because I'm learning that it is more common than I thought and it's not something that is unfixable.  Thanks Dr. Salisbury!!  Here's to a new start in September - cheers!


April said...

Yeah for dry underwear! :)

Camille said...
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Camille said...

Sounds fun! The lake part, not the peeing your pants part. Glad you got that all fixed!

stage3emptynest said...

It sounds like a great time at the lake. My chicken self was dying just looking at the pics of everyone jumping off the cliff. Congrats on the bladder lift! I am up now because of my early morning ole lady pee. I don't think I need a lift yet, just some Depends so I can sleep later. LOL

Child Family said...

I was surprised to see your husband walk into the room. I guess I didn't know before what he did for work. It made me feel a little safer!

Child Family said...

;-) no more holding back at girls game night!!