Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Hair...

I like to get my hair done...it feels good and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting under a dryer reading a trashy magazine for an hour then getting a scalp massage.  Since I'm getting more and more gray hair and I'm not ready to grow up and accept it, I color my hair regularly.  Usually it's no big deal.  Sometimes it isn't even noticed by everyone.  But yesterday was an exception.  I always go darker in the fall/winter but I have never had my hair this dark before.  We decided on dark (it's almost black and I am really hoping it lightens up at least a little bit) with red highlights.  I got mixed reviews from my family.  Here were their reactions:
Mark - isn't a fan.  He says he feels like he is cheating on his wife when he looks at me.  He wants me to go in and fix it.
Brett - says it looks purple, likes it better lighter
Erin - didn't notice until her friend in the backseat of our car mentioned it, says it's "fine"
Kehli - says it's pretty (but I wonder if she said that because everyone else didn't like it and she didn't want me to feel bad - she gets extra allowance this month!!)
Kendall - "Oh mom, did you get your hair done?" Me: "Yes, do you like it?" Kendall: "No."
Evan - "It's okay"
Adam - loves me no matter what color my hair is :-)

I've decided to just leave it.  It's growing on me.  I may never go so dark again, but it's temporary.  Change is good no matter how big or small.  It's my hair, right??


Emily Jackson said...

I love it! -Emily

hdknowles said...

I think it looks great - doesn't look black to me in that photograph.

Doug and Kristen said...

That was me last Christmas and it was DARK! This doesn't seem too dark and maybe that's the flash of the camera. It will lighten up more and you'll love it in a couple weeks. Cheap shampoo strips the color faster in case you're in a hurry :) I think it looks great in the picture!

Denise said...

Well, I see this is old, but before I even read it I thought, "I LOVE that hair color on her!" Seriously, it makes your eyes just pop! Keep it, I think it is amazing.

Lissa said...

I actually like it!