Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!!

Well, it's been over a month since I updated this blog...I better not let it go any longer or it may turn into years again!

Fall sports have wrapped up and I am enjoying a little break from playing mom taxi to so many practices and meets. 
Brett at his last meet of the season

Brett had a great Cross Country season and says he wants to do it again even though he hates running.  He knows how good it is for his body to run and likes the benefits.  He continues with his zero-hour weight lifting and still does cardio workouts to be ready for Track season in the spring.  He has decided to not do any winter sports this year.  He is a member of Buddy Club at school and has his first activity with his buddy tomorrow night.  It is a great thing to be involved with!

Erin is enjoying a break from swimming but will begin with the competitive swim team here soon.  She had a great season with the school swim team and qualified for districts in one event, but did not attend that meet because the team already had their allotted slots full.  I'm sure she will only improve and be able to go next season.

Kehli is doing better at school after an adjustment period starting in middle school.  She does not enjoy reading for pleasure so that is a struggle, but we have found a series that she enjoys and that helps.  She continues with her Jazz Funk dance class and has a few performances coming up.  She has expressed interest in joining the school dance team next year.  She had her first band concert last week and did a great job.

Kendall thinks she is all grown up being the oldest of our children in elementary school.  She always watches out for Evan and all the other "little kids."  She is taking guitar lessons once a week and is having fun learning a new skill there.

Evan is doing great at school and it is so fun to hear him "talk" in Spanish.  He made a "me gusta" (my favorite) book and here are his favorites in his order 1. banos (bathrooms) 2. Mr. Solano 3. his friend with a toy gun 4. his friend Carter.  I got a kick out of that and asked him if bathrooms really were his most favorite.  His response, "Mom, it feels sooooooo good to go to the bathroom."

Adam is doing great potty training and I can count on one hand how many accidents he has had in three weeks.  He even wakes up dry from his naps and most nights.  I love thinking about all the money we are saving without having to buy diapers for him!  I enjoy all the time we get to spend together while the kids are at school.

Mark and I before an adult Halloween party a couple of weeks ago.

Halloween was fun.  I put very little effort into costumes this year and we didn't even carve pumpkins.  I'm in kind of a funk lately and hopefully I can get out of it before the holidays or my kids will probably start calling me the Grinch!  I put on my Dorothy dress so Adam could be Curious George.  Evan's LEGO brick turned out cute and the nature of being in a box helped contain him at the trunk-or-treat.  Why didn't I think of that years ago??

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Brad is coming from Hawaii for both holidays and we will spend some time in Quincy with him and Mark's parents.  The kids are hoping for good weather so they can ride their dirtbikes.

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Jennilyn Kent said...

I loooove Evan's Lego! So Cute! I didn't even see him last night! Hope he had a great birthday! And my kiddos are hoping for the opposite.... snow so they can go snowmobiling!