Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Adventures in Brazil

September 9, 2015

Well, a new adventure for our family will begin next year.  After Brett returns from his mission and we get him and Erin settled at college, the kids and I will join Mark in Brazil.  He has been asked to be the General Manager of the farm in Brazil and will go down in July 2016 to start his new job. We will be there for three years.

Brett & Erin will fly down for Christmases and we will return to the states during the summers.  Mark has six weeks that he can take off during the summer and we can stay for up to three months.  Our summer stay will depend on what Brett and Erin have going on for employment.

We will sell this home, but keep our empty lot up the street so we can build our final house on it when we return in 2019.  If you know anyone who would want to buy our house next year, let me know!

Below are some pictures that my friend, Michelle, took while she and her family were living there a few years ago.  Mark and I will be going down in the next month or two to check things out.  My main concerns are the kids and what activities they can be involved in down there.  It looks like a beautiful country!

We are excited to see what blessings this assignment will bring to our family and to Mark and his career.

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Michelle Birch said...

It really does make me cry! So proud of you for being so brave!