Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday dinner, Pioneer Day Celebration & Bubba's New Haircut

The girls (Lisa Ellsworth, Marissa Hillman, April Homer, Carol DuRee, Rebecca Carter, Cami Rhoten, and me) celebrated July birthday's at Red Robin. Carol DuRee and I both have birthday's in July. I couldn't wait to eat the Whisky River BBQ burger with onion straws, garlic fries and a strawberry lemonade. My breath sure smelled good at the end of the night. I was too full to eat the whole free sundae, but a few bites were perfect. Thanks for a fun night girls!!!

Our Ward celebrated Pioneer Day last weekend with a picnic and games in the park. Erin and her partner, Anthony Rhoten, took first place - way to go!! Brett ran a race, but ended up on the ground instead of crossing the finish line. Kehli and her partner, Molly Stillwell, were very cautious but did great. Kehli is in the white shirt and pants next to Molly in the blue dress. Erin and Anthony are both wearing green shirts. I ran the last race with Marcia Stillwell. I'm sure we would have won if Caiden hadn't have gotten in front of us. Marcia is in the red shirt, I'm in the dark shirt. We ended up coming in second place :-(

I was sitting at swim lessons yesterday and looked up at Bubba to realize that she had cut her own hair that morning. I usually don't do their hair since they are getting in the pool so I had no idea. She took the hair on both sides, right next to her ears and cut them right off. There was no other way to fix it except to cut it all off. It was finally growing out. She cried when I told her we would have to cut it all off so I thought that would be punishment enough. But when the girl was all done Bubba said, "Oh, I like it. It is sooooooo cute." I'm guessing this won't be the last time she cuts her own hair. Mark almost cried when he saw it.

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