Sunday, July 13, 2008


Wow - I'm so impressed with myself!! I actually figured out how to make changes to our blog and add a list of links. I'm trying to not get so excited about it or I'll spend more time at the computer playing, and I don't really have tons of free time as it is.

Mark is starting to get pretty stressed out about our house not selling. We had hoped to get started on our new home at the end of August or September. The bank says we can start without selling, but I'm not real comfortable with that. We have another showing on Tuesday afternoon so we are keeping our fingers crossed that something may come of that. Our house is always in the top 2 or 3 on everyone's list which is discouraging. They either want a 3 car garage or a bigger yard. We'll see what happens this week...

These pictures are from Brett's first swim meet on Friday. The first is the back stroke (which he didn't know he was swimming) and the second is during the freestyle. He ended up swimming in four events instead of two and came in second in the freestyle. That is his favorite. He did very well especially considering it was his first meet and it lasted 3 hours. He's also one of the youngest on his team. I've decided that I enjoy watching him play baseball better, but swimming is good for him and keep him active. My pictures didn't turn out too good because I didn't realize we had to be at the meet an hour early to get a good seat. I had to zoom in about 100 times so they are a little fuzzy. I'll do better next week.


The Wilkins Family said...

I like your new format.

couplabz said...

I love seeing the current family picture. Good job updating your site. Isn't the pool a great summer activity? We have tons of pool pictures from this summer too and they are so hard to get close-ups of. Good luck next time.