Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Utah - July 2-6, 2008

We go to visit with my grandparents in Magna the first and last nights that we were there. The kids had fun being tortured (tickled) by Grandpa and he was so happy to get hugs from them all. We had to tell them to slow down because Grandpa just isn't as fast as he used to be.

Brett got to ride down with Mark's parents a couple of days early so he could spend some extra time with his cousins. They had a great time taking turns riding the "hog" up and down the street. We went to the Bit 'N Spur Rodeo in Tooele on July 4. The kids favorite part was the muttin' bustin' at the beginning. They thought it was so funny to see those kids riding the sheep. If we had known that they were so interested we would have signed them up - maybe next time... Brett liked wearing that pretty pink cowgirl hat that belonged to his cousin. ha ha

Erin & Bubba in a tree near where we took a whole family picture. I'll have to post those later. It was a challenge getting 34 people to look in the same direction at the same time, but the pictures turned out good all things considered.

Evan loved being outside for 3 days straight despite the heat. He was a good little trooper in the car for two days there and back. If we could have just figured out a way to keep Bubba from picking on him. We decided to take Mark's truck instead of the van because of the price of gas. We figured out that we saved close to $400 not driving the van. It was worth it!!

Kehli & Addie (Ken's youngest daughter) had a great time together. They are about 4 months apart and always pick up right where they left off the last time we were together. The middle picture includes Jared (Ken's youngest son), Kehli, Addie & Kendall. The picture on the right is Bubba, Addie & Kehli at an aquatic center. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Deseret Peak Complex swimming and getting cleaned up. Some of us hadn't taken a shower in a couple of days so it felt so good to get wet! Maybe that is why it took so long for the rest period at the pool - the chemicals were really off balance!

It was a great trip and now the kids are asking when the next family reunion is. They will have to be patient until 2010 because we only do this every other year.

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