Monday, September 12, 2016

United Correspondence #4

Just when I thought I was getting somewhere...

Dear Ms. Child:
I appreciate your effort in trying to resolve this situation with us.
Unfortunately another review of this case cannot justify any reimbursement for your expenses for your claims. I am sorry to advise you of this as I know that is not what you wanted to hear, however you will need to seek relief with TAM directly if you want further compensation. At this time, as a final resolution, I have authorized the original travel certificates to be voided and for a new Electronic Travel Certificate valued at $750.00 (a total of $150.00 per person) to issued to you for your future use as a gesture of goodwill. You should receive it via email at this same address within a few business days.
Ms. Child, I am sorry that your travel did not go as originally planned, and hope that you will be able to consider us for your travel needs in the future.
L.J. Rawcliffe
Corporate Customer Care
Case 10909584

And my response:

Dear Oscar Munoz, Dorothy Brown and L.J. Rawcliffe:
I am not an unreasonable person and feel that I have dealt with this situation in the most professional and patient way possible. What I cannot understand is how United Airlines is not taking responsibility for their mistake of entering us in the system as "no shows." Blame keeps being passed around in these email correspondences - first we were no shows, then we were too late to the gate, and now TAM Airlines is ultimately responsible. It doesn't make any sense.
TAM Airlines did not issue boarding passes that would not scan. At the gate two boarding passes would scan, but three would not. No one has told me yet why this was so. Is there something in our flight record about that?
TAM Airlines did not deny our passenger right of being allowed to board the plane despite having a United confirmation number and boarding passes. The plane was at the gate and the gate agent, Elderick, said that he was happy to see us because he knew we were in the airport and coming to the gate.
TAM Airlines did not have ticket agents that refused to come to the gate to help get our boarding passes scanned despite repeated calls to the ticket counter.
TAM Airlines did not put 7 of our suitcases on a flight to Brazil originating in Pasco, WA without us being on the airplane.
TAM Airlines did not enter 5 passengers in the system as "no shows" thus cancelling two other legs of an itinerary.
TAM Airlines is not responsible for the additional $3064.04 that I had to spend to get myself and four children to Brazil a week later than originally planned with four of those days without luggage. United Airlines is responsible.
United Airlines should take responsibility.
Gretchen Child
Case 10880330
Case 10892740
Case 10909584

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