Friday, October 31, 2008


As you can see we got really creative this year...and used costumes from a few years ago. They fit the next child in line just perfectly. Evan hated the lion's mane, but was a good sport and actually wore it most of the night. I loved that you could only see about 2 inches of his face and from the back he looked like a little Tina Turner. The weather was perfect - 60 degrees. It is the warmest that a Halloween has been since we moved to Kennewick 6 1/2 years ago. In the past it's been 25-30 degrees.

Granny's Buffet allowed all kids who were dressed in costume to eat for free so 8 of us ate for the price of 2. Brett threw on a black cape so he could eat dinner.

We now have too much candy. I always throw a handful away each day when the kids are at school. That way they don't really notice. I can't imagine them eating all that candy - especially after going to the dentist this week and all of us being in the cavity-free club again. YIPPEE!!


The Wilkins Family said...

Well, I only have to deal with candy from one kid but even still we are donating a lot of it to a shelter that is doing it's own Halloween night this coming week. One child does not need all of that...and neither do I.

Michelle said...

What a cute Wizard of Oz family! It's Michelle...your long lost sister :). I found your blog from Denise's and you guys look great! I haven't seen your kids in so long and they've grown so much! Thanks for posting pictures of your cute family.

couplabz said...

I give the 'extra' candy to a local business that has a candy dish in the waiting room. It helps them out and saves us from having all that extra candy.