Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing in the Canyon, Getting pretty with Granny, sick Evan, and Carving Pumpkins

Here is everyone playing in Zintel Canyon after we took family pictures last weekend. The weather was perfect and of course the girls found a little creek where they found lots of stinky "clams." We stayed until Kehli fell in the water. Mark's parents came down this weekend for a visit. They took us to Granny's Buffet for dinner one night, which the kids think is the greatest treat. The girls love to put on Granny's make up and get all pretty. You can tell that Erin is more interested in looking beautiful and the other two get a little carried away with the eyeliner pencil. I told Erin that witches are supposed to be ugly and she informed me that it wasn't Halloween yet so she could be a pretty witch.
Brett, Jaylee & Evan have had the barfies the last few days. The only thing I like about having sick children is that they snuggle with us more. Evan, who is a little busy pants, will actually sit still and let you hold and rub him. Here he is snuggling with Mark on the couch. Why do they have to grow up so fast!?! Here we all are carving our pumpkins tonight. As you can see I still do it the old fashion way. Mark doesn't have the patience so he enlists the help of his tool box. Every time he turned it on Evan would run and say "monsters coming." I guess it scared him a little.


The Wilkins Family said...

Those are a lot of pumpkins to carve. I can't even deal with the one we have to do! Good for your guys.

Doug and Kristen said...

We can't even carve pumpkins yet because it still feels like summer here! They wouldn't last even a day. Your family pictures turned out so cute too :)