Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Smorgesborg of Things

Brett got to go on one last scout camp out for the year last Friday so the girls wanted to go camping too. It was going to be in the 30's that night and I was worried about having Evan out in the cold so we just made a fort in the living room and the girls camped there. They thought it was great!!
Evan has been so into guns and shooting lately. This particular day he saw a squirrel on the fence in the back yard. He went and grabbed his gun and ran outside to get it. It was interesting because I watched from inside so I wouldn't scare the squirrel away. The squirrel would actually stop and watch Evan, even as he would stop to cock the rifle again. It was very amusing.
Here is a picture of all the free stuff (after rebate) that I got at Rite Aid last week. My rebate check for all this stuff will total about $112. It included cough medicine, lip balms, flu medicine, allergy medicine, throat lozenges, nasal sprays, saline rinses, headache medicine (adult & children), cold sore medication, mentholatum rub, and more. All the stuff that we need to keep us healthy and feeling good through the winter. That is the most free stuff that I have gotten at one time - I was so proud!!


The Wilkins Family said...

How on earth did you get all of that free stuff?

couplabz said...

Yes, how did you get all that free stuff? Come on, share the secret.

Child Family said...

I started "smart shopping" about a year ago and have saved hundreds of dollars. I will email you a document that I typed up for my family and friends that were interested in what I was doing. Every month I get around $50-$60 in free products from Rite Aid alone - this month was exceptional. If you have any questions just email me.