Monday, October 6, 2008

Where does the time go???

WOW - it's been three weeks since I posted the last time. The kids are finally in a good routine with school. Brett told us last week that he is too lazy to do his work all the time. We aren't sure where that came from, but we told him that wasn't an option so now he's back-peddling to get his grades back up. Erin is doing fabulously well - even has a 100% in science. She has a great teacher (maybe I've said that before) and is excited about learning. Kehli is the resident Spanish expert and is always correcting Bubba on her pronunciation of words. It is so fun to listen to Kehli read her decodable books each day and she is now able to tell me the whole story back in English. Evan and I are having a great time with each other all day long. He has quite the imagination so we pretend - usually with a toy motorcycle and a stuffed doggie. He is just so much fun - I can't get enough of him!!

Mark is into the heavy harvest season and I am no longer surprised when his phone rings at 3:30 in the morning with the first problem of the day. I'm finally able to get back to sleep for a few last hours. I started working out at a gym again. Two friends (Cami & April) and I joined up and have been taking classes for two weeks. I started with weights again on Friday so I'm walking like a gimp. It's all good, right!?!

Here are some pictures of Evan. The first: I told him to look at me and say cheese and this is what I got...
Here he is being a big boy in daddy's work boots. He didn't get too far in them, but sure thought he was pretty cool:
And one last one with Evan's new "sister" Jaylee. She is a neighborhood girl that is with our family a lot. She was with us pretty much all summer and is now over every day during the week from after school until bedtime. She stays all weekend and is even with us tonight. We love her like she's our own. Evan just adores her and runs to her when the other kids won't leave him alone.

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