Monday, August 29, 2016

A week in Formosa

Last week Mark had to go to Argentina for meetings.  He left on Sunday morning and returned Friday evening, so we stayed in Formosa for the week.  Sunday was tough for me - church was lonely.  Mark was gone, and my friend that speaks English was not feeling well so she was not at church.  We made it through the first meeting, then I found myself sitting alone during Sunday School.  I was totally lost in the lesson and could feel my emotions close to the surface.  So I said a little prayer that I would be able to hold it together for just a little longer.  Just then another friend, Fran, got up from her seat a couple of rows up and came back to sit with me.  She showed me where we were in the scriptures so I could at least follow along.  It felt wonderful to know that someone was aware of me.  Relief Society was good.  I have the manual in English and Portuguese so I can at least know what is being talked about.

Monday we just hung out at the house and played with the neighborhood kids.  We ventured to the market all by ourselves and survived!  The people have been patient with me when I look and say "No Portuguese."  Sometimes we can work it out, sometimes I have to break out Google Translate, which is amazing!  Adam lost a tooth and got a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  He wasn't happy to receive a US dollar bill, but the tooth fairy hadn't been to the exchange center yet.

Tuesday we explored a little bit in Brasilia with Agnes.  She took us to a radio tower in the center of the city so we could see all around.  The view was beautiful and the weather was perfect.  There is a man made lake in the city and an amusement park that we could see.  There are several malls, which we are excited to visit!  We went to one for lunch and I had a delicious salad.  I have been craving a crisp salad for weeks, but have had a hard time finding good produce.  It's getting better... Then we went to a Home Depot-type store called Leroy Merlin.  We had to get a few things for the house and the kids all added stuff to my cart.  I'll be gateful when they get over feeling like we are just on vacatoin.

Wednesday we went out and found a small store that we call Little Target.  And by little, we mean that the whole store could fit in one section of the Target that we are used to.  But it has a little of everything and our main thing to find was some toys for the boys.  Adam picked some little army guys and Evan got a ball.  We went back later in the week and they picked out remote control cars.  We also got a few other things and discovered a store across the street that has a few crafty things for when we feel the need to create.  I relaxed in the hammock after lunch while the kids played in the pool and had some iPod time.

Thursday we went to Itiquira - a beautiful water fall area.  Agnes and Fran and her boys and mother-in-law went with us.  It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast playing in the water.  Afterwards we went to an ice cream shop and got a treat.  It was a fun scoop-your-own bowl which the kids loved because they could put whatever they wanted on it.  Agnes got an acai treat that was frozen and so good with bananas.  It was delicious!

Friday we had fun just hanging out.  We went to the park so Adam could play "War" with his army guys.  Then the neighbors invited us to go out to ice cream with them.  It was called Kogumello and the owner was telling us all about how she makes all of the ice cream there.  Kendall got some lemon ice cream that was amazing.  Kehli got an Ovaltine shake that she enjoyed.  I got a chocolate dipped ice cream on a stick that was creamy and delicious.  Good thing I worked out each day!
We were all happy to have Mark come home and he came bearing gifts!  He bought a hat for himself, which I am really happy about.  The sun is very intense here and he needs to cover up that head and face.  He brought me a beautiful leather purse and the girls each a bracelet.  I didn't let the boys open their remote control cars until he came home so they wouldn't feel left out of the presents.
Saturday Mark, Kendall, Adam and I went back into Brasilia to go to Sams Club and Wal*Mart.  Groceries are much less expensive there.  The girls had mutual (youth group) on Saturday evening and are learning how to crochet.  They both picked it up quickly and I am impressed with their progress on their rugs.  Also on Saturday evening was a Branch activity.  They taught about how to hold successful Family Home Evenings and then we played a game much like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."  Our team won!  It was a lot of fun.  And we had some delicious food that I hope to learn how to make.  And they had a cake and sang happy birthday to a few members who had birthdays this month.
 On Sunday, during church, Adam pulled out another tooth.  Evan told him that now he could squirt water out of his holes and get two people wet.  Funny boys!  And the Tooth Fairy must have realized that we moved to another country because this time he got Brazilian money. In the afternoon the girls went back to the church to get another crochet lesson so they could work on it this week and then we headed back to the farm house for a few days.  We go back to Formosa on Wednesday because we have to go into Brasilia early Thursday morning to get all of our documentation and ID's completed.  Then we will finally be able to get our shipment of stuff on its way from the US!

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