Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hanging in Kennewick & trip to Utah

We ended up staying at the Best Western on 27th until Monday, August 8.  They were very kind to accommodate us one day at a time.  We got to see Sadie every day and even took her down to the Columbia River one day.  We visited friends, went to the trampoline park, at with friends and at Costa Vida.  It was a good last few days...again.  Kehli and Kendall were especially happy to be able to see friends for just a bit longer.

We headed down to Utah and stopped half way in Boise.  It was a good break and of course we had fun swimming in the hotel pool.

When we got to my parents home in Magna, Utah we did laundry, unpacked and repacked all of the suitcases, did a little shopping and got to see some of my family.  Kendall and Kehli went to a hockey game with my cousin, Dustin, to watch his daughter play.  He was thoroughly embarrassed by what she was wearing and I don't blame him.  Grandma & Grandpa took the kids to Freddy's where we enjoyed a delicious burger, fries & a concrete treat.  The girls found onion rings that looked like their belly buttons so they had to share.
We headed back to the airport on the morning of August 11.  This time we headed to the Air Canada ticket counter.  The agents were kind and even let us use a scale to check all of our luggage.  We only had to move a few things around.  I don't recommend those huge (29-30") suitcases because unless you are just packing clothes, it will be over 50 pounds.  I had to be very strategic with the packing.  The Air Canada planes were very nice and the kids enjoyed having their own TV, earphones and charging plugs.  The itinerary wasn't the fastest - we went from Salt Lake to Toronto to Sau Paulo to Brasilia.  We had 8 hours in Toronto and 8.5 hours in Sao Paulo.  The kids did so well and didn't get stir crazy until about the last two hours in Sao Paulo.  The domestic terminal is small and there is nothing to do or anywhere to go/walk.  Next time we won't go to that terminal until it is time to board the plane.  From Sao Paulo to Brasilia we traveled on Azul Air.  The flight attendents weren't super friendly, but we did get good snacks so the kids were happy.  We got through customs without any problems and all of our luggage arrived without problems as well.  We were SOOOO happy to see Mark at the airport.  I loved flying Air Canada and if given the option again will definitely pick it.
Round 2 - at the Salt Lake Airport:
Someone stole my neck pillow!
 Made it to Toronto and had fun on the moving sidewalks:
Found this huge space where no one else was...
 And Adam has to sit in the same exact seat as me:
At all of the eating places in the Toronto Airport they have an iPad at every seat.  You can order and pay for your food and sit and play games.  The kids were in heaven!!
Sitting in the Sao Paulo airport...almost done!
 Coming out after going through customs and gathering luggage.  So happy to see Mark, Rubens & Agnes and grateful that she was smart enough to take some pictures.
I was a little bit emotional to finally be there and Mark surprised me with flowers (thanks again Agnes!).

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