Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Love this neighborhood!

Yesterday we decided to go out and walk around the neighborhood.  When Mark and I visited in November we took a few minutes to walk around the park area here and were impressed.  So, I walked down with the kids and found lots of fun things for us all to do.  There is an area on the edge of the neighborhhood that houses play area, a small chapel, classrooms, resturant/eating area, rock walkways, soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, work out areas, racquetball courts, gym, dog kennel, more playground areas, covered area with fussball tables & ping pong tables, chairs/benches/picnic tables.  If there was a large soccer field, then there was a smaller one right next to it for the children.  Same goes for the sand volleyball courts.  There are play areas for toddlers, school age kids and up.  There is an area inside where there are free weights and some weight equipment.  Outside there are two areas: one with some kind of machines, the other a wood structure where different exercises can be performed.  We saw some pretty birds and even a couple of lizards.  Now I don't have any excuses to not exercise when in Formosa!

Inside strength training area:
 1 of 2 racquetball courts:
 Tennis Courts:
 Covered area where it looks like step and aerobic classes are taught:
 Outside work out area:
 Wood structure work out area:
 One of several play areas:
 Big soccer field, smaller one is at the far end inside its own fence:
 Sand Volleyball courts - adult size on the left, kid size on the right:
 Resturant/eating area inside its own little building:

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